Remarketing Strategy

Remarketing is the best ROI from any advertising strategy to date. A visitor comes to your website, browses around and usually drops off right? With remarketing, that visitor gets tagged and adding to a remarketing audience list. After they leave your site, that visitor will then see ad banners we design on all the sites they visit online (that publish ads). The remarketing banners will reenforce your brand name and keep you on top of their mind for when they are ready to buy. The 4 touch rule of marketing says that most people don’t buy the first time they are introduced to a product. Or maybe they are just simply busy and head to lunch instead of contacting you. Remarketing allows us the chance to help you get that otherwise “missed opportunity” back to your website for a chance to get that lead…making remarketing is the best ROI from any advertising strategy to date.

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Remarketing is a smart way to reach previous visitors that dropped off your website or individuals who’ve visited your website without making any transaction. It is a tool for businesses who would like to remind visitors of their brand and stay on top of their mind as they browse around the web. Remarketing works by dropping a cookie onto the visitors computer and shows ad banners to that person on any website that publishes Google Ads. By adding that visitor to your remarketing audience list, you may target previous visitors to your site who didn’t contact you or make a purchase the first time. From emails to social media, remarketing campaigns enable you to connect with visitors so you can market to them again and again until they make a transaction. It is a powerful way to improve your leads and sales since most people aren’t ready to buy the first time they visit but they might be ready to buy 1 week from now. Without remarketing to that visitor you would miss out on the sale.

What is a remarketing Audience List?

A remarketing list is a collection of website visitors or app users gathered by snippets of code added to your site or app. When you create a list, you set rules for when visitors or users should be added to the list. You also specify a membership duration for how long you want your visitors or users to stay on the list. Once you’ve created remarketing lists, you’ll need to add them to your campaigns’ ad group targeting so that you can show ads to visitors or users on your lists. (source:

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