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Project Description

Palmetto Roofers came to us for help in launching a brand worthy website and placement in Google’s search engines for more visibility and more leads. The first place to start in regards to leads is your website. So we designed their website from the ground up taking into account what people want to see and hear when they get to a roofing website. Conversion rate optimization on a site can double or even triple your leads because your making it more enticing and easier for the visitor to contact you.

We then started on Palmetto Roofers on page search engine optimization to make sure that all the pages, meta tags (even though Google ignores some of them), images compressed, etc. to get ready for the off page SEO campaign. We then started building the brand entity online in the way that Google loves. We essentially are “spoon feeding” Google what it wants to see in terms of a roofing company and the end result…Google loves it. Thus, high rankings. Once you understand how to rank on Google, it’s just a process  

Checkout their new brand website here: Palmetto Roofers

Project Details

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