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Project Description

This e-commerce site sells an extremely high-end product in a niche that is dominated by a business model that artificially inflates prices and then offers steep discounts. They needed a design that would help them quickly differentiate their product while providing the “white-glove” touch that customers shopping for their type of product would demand.

The site redesign focused on adding testimonials and the company’s press that they had received (TV interviews) near the top of the page to help establish trust.

Then, the benefits and differentiation of their unique selling proposition were made clear.

Finally, a chat system was added that enables customers to directly with the company’s engineers to get key questions answered to make the buying process easier. A large set of sales conversions began happening inside the chat window.

Additionally, the site needed the capability to manage a large number of coupons, separate sales funnels for social remarketing campaigns and an easy way to keep track of affiliate sales. All of these features were integrated into the final product.

Checkout their award winning product: The AquaOx Whole House Water Filter.

Project Details

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