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SEO, Branding, Web Design, Google Ads

This e-commerce site sells an extremely high-end product in a niche that is dominated by a business model that artificially inflates prices and then offers steep discounts. They needed a design that would help them quickly differentiate their product while providing the “white-glove” touch that customers shopping for their type of product would demand. […]

SEO, Site Conversion

Cummings & Lewis had a site on a Godaddy SiteBuilder hosting plan that did not provide them with the ability to customize their layout or add content. We moved their existing layout over to a CMS platform and assisted them in adding new pages to better-target their service offerings and locations surrounding Spartanburg, SC. We also made […]

SEO, Website Development

Daves Roofing is a South Carolina based roofing company. They wanted to enhance the design of the site and work on the SEO placement for a few major cities in SC […]

Web Design, SEO

Concrete Supply Company is a large company in the Southeast. They needed a web presence that would represent the size, quality, and reach of their company We took advantage of their imagery to create a huge banner image that instantly demonstrated the size and resource depth of their brand. From there, our graphics art team […]

SEO, Site Conversion

This company was moving from being part of a larger insurance broker and rebranding to be an independent broker. They needed a brand and a site that reflected their wide variety of insurance products and insurance brands that they sell. Additionally, they needed a site that could offer solid trust signals and could be an authority […]


Elcan came to our firm with a site that had been designed by another company. They were struggling with the fact that the webfirm that had built their site had coded their content inside of WordPress templates. This is a fairly common practice by web development firms who outsource their site creation to companies overseas. […]

Web Design, SEO, Lead Generation

This business came to us with a Godaddy Sitebuilder hosted site. They requested the ability to add content to their site and to optimize it for more locations. While sticking closely to their original design, we provided simple site conversion services to a CMS system that made editing their content easy. We also integrated a […]

Web Design, SEO

We helped this client launch an innovative new product to the crowded to the CBD market. One of the core requests was to help them create a brand that was different from the standard CBD company. This e-commerce business relies on strong affiliate relationships. Accordingly, we built a site with functionality that made it easy […]

Web Design, SEO, eCommerce

This client was struggling with an existing e-commerce site that was difficult to navigate and had too many customer obstacles to purchase. We redesigned the flow and ease of use to make customer purchase more easily. Additionally, we helped them create a custom home-page layout that provided a hub to all of their products, increasing […]


Web Design, SEO

This brand provides a high-quality product to high-end clients (horse farms, arenas, and ranches) in a space where maintaining a luxury image and white-glove customer service are key elements to a brand’s success. When this client came to us, they were working out of a site that was built in the late 1990s. We started […]

Web Design, SEO, eCommerce

This client came to us with a slow-loading site that focused on the history of the company instead of the products that they sold. We helped them create a new site that highlighted unique designs and fashion sense and that appealed directly to their core audience. From there, we updated the UI and UX of […]

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