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Falls Park is a beautiful nature park managed by the City of Greenville South Carolina. The park opened in 1994 and is located on the western end of the city. There are lots of activities for people of all ages to enjoy in the park.

Visitors to Falls Park can enjoy a stroll through the well-maintained hiking trails or take their mountain bikes on a ride through the windy, beautiful bike trails. There are also plenty of spots for families and groups to have a picnic. These spots are scattered all around the park, making lunch a convenient stop off of one of the hiking or biking trails, or even as you peruse the gardens.

One of the landmarks Falls Park is most famous for is The Liberty Bridge. The Liberty Bridge cost approximately $4.5 million to construct. It goes over a river that divides the park, making a beautiful, almost weightless structure. It is safe to walk and bike across and is also handicapped-accessible, making it available to everyone who chooses to cross it. The suspension bridge has only cables on one side of it. The other side faces the beautiful Falls that give the park its name. This view is completely open, without any bridge cables or other support structures that might interfere with the view.

Of course, Falls Park borders the Reedy River, which leads to ponds and waterfalls. The park features a variety of quarter-operated binoculars to let visitors zoom in on interesting features that may not be accessible otherwise. Many scenic overlooks are spotted near the waterfalls, ponds, and other natural structures to let visitors take in the natural surroundings. Many floral arrangements are regularly maintained by staff in the picnic and viewing areas to add variety to the park.

Another interesting item in Falls Park is a large concrete wall. This wall has survived all the way from 1776 to the present. It was previously one wall of the grist mill that was originally on the site where the park is today. The wall is surrounded by public gardens that all visitors are welcome to explore. The gardens have many aesthetically pleasing and unique plants, all of which are consistently maintained by city employees.

Many items, most notably the Liberty Suspension Bridge, are funded by Greenville city taxpayers through the “Hospitality Tax.” All of the proceeds go towards building more tourist attractions. Falls Park makes a very economic family or personal retreat for anyone!