Branding (aka Logo Design)

Your logo is your brand. Don’t trust it to amateurs. Our team makes sure that we get your logo design right the first time. Forge web design is the company you want to design the logo that will guide your brand for the next decade.

Become an industry leader with a solid brand strategy creative image.

Make My Brand Awesome

While we are commonly called in to work on logo designs, logos are just a fraction of the work we do.

Most businesses need a unified sales message. They need a logo that will work in all mediums, whether that is a billboard or a brochure. We can help you identify the color schemes that will help your business be immediately recognizable on any platform.

Your branding is more than just a set of colors. It is a communication of the Ethos of your company. Done correctly, it speaks volumes of your attention to detail, your innovation and your ability to provide top-notch customer service.  While you may not feel that your business is as big as Coca-Cola, your branding can elicit the same level of emotional response locally and keep customers coming back.

If you are needing help with your brand messaging, we are big fans of Donald Miller’s work with StoryBrand. We can use our experience to help you add the right language to your brand that shows your customers you are their guide. We can help you stop being the hero in the story and give you the verbiage that gets customers to invite you into their story.

Branding can be the make-or-break piece of your marketing campaign. If you are struggling with underperforming campaigns, our team can take a look at it and make suggestions. It may be that a small piece of your campaign needs work. Or it may be that you could use a stronger brand image.

Whatever the case, you can lean on our experience to help get a diagnosis and a fresh start.

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